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Preventing Avoidable Deaths:
Essentials and Recommendations on Opioid Overdose

Overdose is the leading cause of death among People who use Drugs , accounting, in Europe, for more than 3.5% of overall deaths in males under 40 years of age (Eurostst, 2012).

In the scope of Overdose prevention in Europe – Collating lifesaving practices work package (EuroHRN II) APDES in collaboration with Akzept has developed a study report entitled “Preventing Avoidable Deaths: Essentials and Recommendations on Opioid Overdose”. This report provides an extensive mapping of the existing harm reduction measures to reduce Drug related deaths in Europe. Multi-level and cyclical (at different stages of overdose prevention) recommendations for overdose prevention are proposed, addressing Practice, Research and Policy.

Currently, we are working on the creation of a European group of experts on overdose prevention. Practitioners, researchers and politicians across Europe have to collaborate in order to produce a sustainable, consistent and effective critical mass on overdose prevention dedicated in saving lives.

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Models of Community and Peer-Based Overdose Prevention

This report comprises a comparative analysis of legislation, statistics and public health responses to opioid-related overdose in Scotland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Estonia and Lithuania, as well as recommendations for adoption of good practice policies including collation of documented best practice.

It will take into account community-based overdose prevention and management programmes in these countries – particularly those which currently support peer distribution of naloxone.


 models of Community report