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Prevention and Information Programme
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EuroHRN works to reduce the health and social harms related to drugs and the policy environment, by promoting the human rights and health of people who use drugs through collective advocacy, research and information exchange.

The overall objective of EuroHRN is to expand the knowledge base of harm reduction in Europe, raise awareness of drug-related harms, and promote and support public health and human rights orientated responses to drug use across Europe.
EuroHRN aims to:

  • Facilitate networking at European, sub-regional and national level
  • Advocate for harm reduction in the European region

The specific objectives of this project will be to:

  • Map good practice related to the prevention of drug related deaths
  • Advocate for evidence based opioid overdose management models and establish models of meaningful engagement for people who use drugs and their associations around the prevention of overdose
  • Promote innovative practice for the prevention of drug related deaths and the improvement of health for people who use drugs
  • Support harm reduction stakeholders from across Europe in sharing practices related to working with local stakeholders
  • Bring together and disseminate the project's findings and outputs, allowing for partners, key stakeholders and network members to disseminate results, network and engage in transnational learning through a 2014 event