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AutoSupport des Usagers de Drogues (ASUD)
M: + 33 6 14 11 38 43
T: + 33 1 43 15 09 00
T: +33 1 43 15 00 66
F: +33 1 43 15 01 11
A: 204 rue de Belleville-75020-Paris
W: www.asud.org
E:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manager: Fabrice OLIVET
Press officer: Pierre CHAPPARD

The success of Aid’s prevention supposes a certain responsibility and a participation of users. Actually, we notice that this is not always the case. Sometimes the only result of preventive actions is to make the user responsible for contamination in the public’s eyes. Prevention is frequently done «against» the user rather than «with». The notion of self-support activism, agent of prevention, member of society, should develop itself.

Ever since the 1970’s when PDUs in Holland and the UK began to react against the suppression of their right to self- expression by professionals, doctors or social workers. From this mobilisation a concept is born: the ‘peer support group’ or ‘groupe d’auto-support’, whose vocation is to express itself in spite of repression. Its essential goal is to enable the expression and the visibility of thousands of our fellow citizens. Only a drug user is capable of explaining the difficulties met daily by PDUs (injection techniques, specific information) and then able to assist in the elaboration of tools and methods permitting the resolution of these difficulties.
A.S.U.D. Auto-support et réduction des risques parmi les usagers de drogues.
activity: self support, peer education, more generally, ham reduction policy and defence of drug users’ rights


  • Blood borne disease prevention
  • Provision of information about safer drug use
  • Development of peer support networks.

ASUD is: an organisation comprising of 5 local groups across France, it publishes the Asud-Journal, a magazine made by PDUs for PDUs - and provides information on drug use to the general public.